Why Reusable Architectures?

Time has come!

It’s simple! The time has come for every company, whatever their size, to enjoy the benefits of EA!

The time has come because there are enough architectural frameworks, methods, standards, tools, etc. The time has come to use these features to build content, share it and re-use it to reap the benefits of EA.

The time has come also because the enterprise architecture has stagnated. At best, it is growing too slowly. Not enough companies benefit from this business practice.

Too expensive, too long, not enough value?

This inertia is due to the fact that EA is too expensive, takes too much time to implement and requires too much expertise from scarce and expensive resources. Every company reinvents all the content from scratch and does not perceive the added value of EA, even if they often have the same issues, components and solutions.

Then, let’s reverse the trend!

It is indeed possible to reverse the trend and allow every company to benefit from EA. EA should take less time, cost less, require less experienced resources and deliver more value. It is possible to achieve these goals all at once if companies can re-use content and avoid starting from scrap.


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