Re-Usable EA Contents

Contents :

  • Set of architecture and solution building blocks for every TOGAF 9® EA domain (business, data, application, technology)
  • Descriptions and links between blocks
  • A reference model for each domain (business, data, applications, technologies)
  • Reference models for common applications such POS, ERP, web site, etc.
  • Standardized viewpoints
  • Semantic views allowing to navigate between building blocks

Chosen Industries :

  • Content is presently available for the retail and insurance industries
  • Since the concept is applicable on all industries, content for other industries will be gradually available
  • Content of the technology domain is readily applicable for all industries

Shape :

  • Views have been built at the logical level, ie. without any reference to market solutions
  • …following a known EA framework (TOGAF 9®)
  • …following a known notation (Archimate 2.0®)
  • …uploadable in any EA tool supporting XMI

Mapping :

  • Initially, the reference models are not market-solution-aware
  • However, other views present different market solutions of the same type, mapped to the reference models
  • This allows to compare market solutions or to understand how different solution types can be mapped and compared
  • An enterprise may also want to map its project and / or application portfolio, and see how they intersect with market solutions

See Also: Usage Context; Advantages for the Using Companies

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