RA4R- Application Domain

RA4R - Application Reference Model (ARM)The RA4R application domain contains:

  • A reference model showing a few dozens of application components, at a logical level. They are supported by the Archimate 2.0® notation and mapped to the “buy”, “move”, “sell” and “manage” aspects. This model does not make any reference to market solutions.
  • The description of the application components as well as the links between them and the architecture building blocks from other EA domains, delivered in an XMI file.
  • Logical reference models for key applications. Without any reference to market products, these logical models show logical components from the 4 EA domain that make up a specific key application, eg. POS, Ecommerce, CRM, ERP, etc..
  • Models showing the application components mapping with different market solutions with regards to a neutral reference.

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