Re-usable Architecture for the Retail Industry (RA4R)

RA4R consists in a range of re-usable building blocks and models. It uses the Archimate 2.0® notation, which covers all the aspects of a retail company as well as all the EA domains (business, data, applications and technologies). Re-using this content, it is possible to model all possible solutions within the retail industry, eg. POS, web site, CRM, ERP, etc.

The value of those models lies in the content’s quality

Those models are more than simple images or symbolic models or images only. Because they were created with the help of and EA tool, all the building blocks are linked and documentated using the Archimate 2.0® notation. This rich content therefore offers models called “semantic models” where it is possible to navigate in and between the models. Thus, it is easy to perform an impact analysis or to re-use pre-defined building blocks, if you've acquired the XMI file.

Overall Consistency

The content of the business, data and application domains was defined as a coherent whole relative to the “buy”, “sell”, “move” and “manage” components, specific to the retail industry.

The “technology” domain is also a part of this coherent whole but was voluntarily removed from the “buy”, “sell”, “move” and “manage” components in order to preserve the technological component’s loose coupling with business, data and application components.

Easily Adaptable

A fast way for a company to develop its own EA is to adapt the RA4R to its own context, applications, data, technologies, projects, etc..

What would normally take weeks, or even months to develop can take only a few days, thanks to reuse.

Available Individually or as a Collection

Through our online store, it is easy to acquire each model individually or the entire collection of models.

Symbolic vs Semantic Models

All models are available in a symbolic version (image only) or semantic (model, model descriptions, link between building blocks, in an XMI file).

The symbolic version brings very good value in itself, but the semantic version has a greater value. Semantic models purchased individually can all be linked with each other because they are all part of the same global model.

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